Nolan plays left wing for the Calgary Hitmen. His twin brother Nate is doing something that is bad and might even be illegal. Nolan needs to help Nate because supposedly Nate is in trouble. Then when Nolan learns that a girl Mercedes is laso trying to help they team up to stop Nate from what he's doing. When Nate learsn that Nolan is following him he trys to scare Nolan away but it only makes Nolan want to help more. Finally Nate was about to be killed by some people from the gang. They try to kill him, but Nolan and Mercedes step in and help at the perfect time. Then they end up winning the hockey tournament which makes Nolan and Nate so happy but not only because they won also because they are acting like brothers again. Nolan is also happy because Mercedes wants to go out with him. That makes his life good again.